Moscow, through the eyes of a Siberian

Moscow is the largest European metropolis with 12 million people not counting daily commuters from the region. Stereotypes about Moscow are skyrocketing, and not only beyond Russia’s borders but among the Muscovites themselves. Exhausted from stressful working days, long rush hour commuting or never-ending traffic jams, many Muscovites rarely get motivated to explore their city outside the central Garden Ring.

Moscow is to me an overpopulated XL-sized microstate within Russia where numerous smaller, socially segregated worlds co-exist closely but rarely intersect. The more I photograph the metropolis, the more I think how little I have yet shot, experienced and understood of Moscow…

I lived and shot in Moscow between 2008 and 2011, which resulted in a series of personal exhibitions that took place in such European cities as Gdansk, Warsaw, Vienna, Luxembourg and Passau. The project is currently being updated with new shots taken between 2015 and 2017, as I lived in Moscow once again – and had a chance to capture its intense transformation.

# Catching Reflections

Unlike in Barcelona where it seldom rains or gets gloomy, after rain reflections are as organic to Moscow as they are to London or Paris. With the only exception – in winters it usually snows! Reflections are one of my favorite motives – they help me to look at reality from a different perspective; to deeper feel the versatility and beauty of the moment.

# Muscovites

# The Capital of Contrasts

# Architecture

# Windows

# Russian Winter

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