Whether you are a university, a hotel, an NGO, or a private company, contact me if you wish to promote the aesthetics of European urban fine art photography – in general, or of a specific European city in particular. Together we will create cool high-quality eco-friendly prints or decor products with my photographic art. If you are an art or bookstore, we can arrange to sell my artistic postcards.

# Artistic Postcards

Artistic postcards are the result of my photographic work in a given city. They are sold in local art and bookstores, but can also be ordered B2B, with a company logo.

# B2C Postcards to sell at local bookstores and art stores:

# B2B Postcards as an artistic merchandising product with a company logo:

# B2B photographs with company relevant images for own postcard to be designed, printed (preferably on recycled paper) and sold independently.

A photograph for the University of Geneva, the Uni Dafour building, Switzerland for a postcard to be sold at a University shop.

# Magazines

If you are a commercial print magazine and wish to print one or several photographs from my artistic projects, do not hesitate to contact me.

# Home Decor Boutique – Artistic & Eco-Friendly

As a passionate urban fine art photographer, I created my artistic home decor brand with a firm belief: gallery art will more positively impact our lives if integrated into our living and working spaces more sustainably. We, artists and designers, just cannot afford anymore to create art at the expense of our planet. Apart from classical wall art, Golenkova-Ferrero designs 100% original artistic decor items that are both aesthetic and functional. Ordering our artistic decor, you will give work to talented European artisans and help plant a tree.