Barcelona is one of the most photographed cities in Europe – it is difficult even to imagine how many times this overtouristic mecca is being instagrammed every single day. But what everyone will notice quickly – these are mostly touristic paths, terraces of hotels, the seashore, and many many many selfies. But do we know real Barcelona and its people behind the most touristic spots?



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BARCELONA Exhibition

Barcelona Exhibition Project In Search of Corporate Sponsors

Having photographed Barcelona for the past to years, I am launching my search of enterprises who are interested to become a sponsor or co-sponsor to help finalize and launch my international exhibition project on Barcelona. We will organize a photographic exhibition in more European cities. It is crucial though that your company directly or indirectly supports sustainable initiatives and shares environmental values. We are going to print this exhibition in the most eco-friendly way possible. We will show an example that artists are also there to make a change.

Please contact me via LinkedIn or write to and feel free to share this information.