Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Europe – it is difficult even to count how many times this overtouristic mecca has been instagrammed over the past decade. But what everyone will notice quickly – Barcelona on Instagram are mostly touristic paths, views from the terraces of hotels, the seashore, and many many many selfies. How well do we know Barcelona and its people behind the most touristic spots?

The Barcelonians

In the midst of a touristic season, tourists prevail over locals in the most touristic parts of Barcelona. But who are those Barcelonians – people who daily turn Barcelona into such a vibrant diverse city, with its pros and cons?

Even in densely populated central districts that lack green areas such as the Old City, many people own dogs, and often several dogs. As central Barcelona is covered with historical tiles, this sometimes creates a problem that dogs impatiently pee on them, which creates in hot summers a quite unpleasant smell. Here we come to a big question of many people without dogs: is it good at all for a dog to be kept in a densely populated area that lacks parks? Especially when they are quite big dogs?